Our Brand New Website!

When we opened our store TWELVE (really, it has been that long!) years ago, our website was cutting-edge. In case you noticed, technology and the internet have changed a little since then.

While our website, freeportwildbirdsupply.com has served us well over the years, it was clearly time for a little update. So without any further ado, we are excited to introduce the brand-spanking-new, completely renovated, www.freeportwildbirdsupply.com!

1) Easy to use, navigate, and chock full of photos!
2) Mobile-optimized: Now looks great and is easy to use on your smartphone!
3) A cleaner, easier-to-browse “News” page.
4) Enhanced Tours page:
A) On-line registration for all tours
B) Sign up for our Birds on Tap – Roadtrip! outings and pay with a credit card.
C) New tours coming soon!
5) All of the informative features that have always been part of our website, just nicer!
6) More Birding News:
A) a window to our Facebook page where you can see our most current news and bird reports, photos, etc.
B) BirdTrax: a convenient and easy-to-read, organized (by date) display of rare birds submitted to eBird (note: we do not participate in eBird, so our sightings are not included here).
C) Direct link to the Maine Birds Google Group archives on the American Birding Association’s webpage.

Check it out, and we hope you will enjoy it, and find it of value. And we welcome your feedback!


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