Feathers Over Freeport!

hawkwatch4, 4-15-13

Looking for an excuse to get outside and learn something about birds and migration? Ever wonder how you or your kids can get started with this wonderful pastime? What about learning about the things that live in the woods that don’t have feathers – from flowers to frogs?

No matter what your interests are, or what your level of birding experience is, then we have just the event for you! Join us on the last weekend of April (every year!) for “Feathers Over Freeport: A Birdwatching Weekend!”

With events all day, Saturday April 26th at Bradbury Mountain State Park in Pownal and all day Sunday, April 27th at Wolfe’s Neck Woods State Park in Freeport is the event for the whole family. It started four years ago as a way to introduce people to birding and gain an appreciation for the feathered life around us. It is not meant to be a “birding festival” per se, but a way get people excited about birds – the first step.

Events begin each day with my morning birdwalks – 8:00am on Saturday at Bradbury and 8:00am on Sunday at Wolfe’s Neck. Bird migration is just beginning to kick into high gear in late April, so it is a fun time to begin learning some of those early migrants without getting too overwhelmed.

The timing of the weekend also perfectly coincides with the Bradbury Mountain Hawkwatch’s peak. My hawkwatching workshop will teach visitors how to identify the 15+ species of hawks that pass by this mountain every spring.

And, speaking of hawks, the Osprey pair at Wolfe’s Neck is back on nest, providing a great opportunity to view these awesome birds and learn a little about their biology. As in past years, both parks with be hosting programs by Hope Douglas from Wind Over Wings. See live birds of prey up close and personal, including a Golden Eagle!

IMG_1578     IMG_4292

Feathers Over Freeport is also the State’s official Pledge 2 Fledge event. This is an international effort to get people who already have an interest in birds to share that with someone new. The children’s activities and workshops during this weekend help us work towards that goal.

For a complete listing of all of the weekend’s events, visit the Feathers Over Freeport webpage. Hope to see you there!



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